Value-added services

     The age is progressing, and the concept is updating. Environment protection and resource saving have become the eternal theme of the whole human. And they are also the criterion of the development of our enterprise. Admittedly, we should provide other services to customers. In order to better cooperate to the demands of customers, our company has established a series of system and standard so as to assist customers to accomplish the value added services except design, printing, packaging, and finishing machining service which can be offered by the general printing enterprises, realize a connected sequence service of marketing, whole package, and logistic distribution and delivery needed by customers. In brief, you give us the “pure product”, and we give you the “stage product”. Consequently, we can reduce the purchase cost and personnel cost, make the products of customers possess more market competitiveness, and realize the longer cooperation between each other.

     Our slogan is “printing passes the civilization, charming quality”. This is the desire of the whole Wen Mei personnel and the demand of you and society.